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Do You Remember You Are? Written By: Christopher Thompson

"This cover represents me and my father, although the chapter is about me remembering who I am, it’s my dad that always taught me to live humble and never change. I remember who I am now bro. Let’s work." - Dumaine 

I had received this cover art and few words in a email not too long ago in the wee hours of the night on March 19th. I knew what I expected from Dumaine but I know what he expects from me as a writer, friend, and brother. So down below is the introduction into chapter 6 which has no set release date yet at the time but it is coming soon. Check out what I had to say about it!

Do You Remember Who You Are?

Written By: Christopher Thompson


With five chapters being done in his viral series of his book “The Best Memories” Dumaine had to pick up where he left off but where he left off is all part of a time table situation that none of us knew what was going on with him or the book. I remember right after chapter 5 was released he told me the title of chapter 6 which is “Remember Who You Are”; Dumaine has always had a stern belief in staying connected with your roots and the communities and places that have made you who are you today. He has a heart so big and a mind so illustrious he’s learned many of life’s lessons through a relationship with his farther somebody who is pretty much the essential key to his life in my opinion I’ve watched him have ups & downs with his parents but his farther is a factor in everything that Dumaine does.

 I think in the back of his mind and always in his heart in every decision he makes it’s a part of him that says what would my dad do. His farther is who he is; he is who his farther is. In the major part of “Remember Who You Are” I think we’ll see a bit more personal flaw in self outlook in this chapter from Dumaine he’ll take part in speaking beyond glory, wanting the city to respect his mission, and what value does remembering who you are serve in taking nothing and making it into something play in his bigger goal which is Mission 10Eleven. As his friend, brother, and somebody he depends on I think this chapter will bring so much shock value to what really matters to him and what really matters in the development of him over a life span of time. Dumaine wants now, next, and forever. It’s your turn to the people why this is it, why nothing else matter in making nothing into something, and why you must always give thanks to remembering who you are Dumaine.

Don’t let the people down who look up to you the most Chapter 6 is coming people so until then I must say “Remember Who You Are”.


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